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Welcome to Bethlehem

A Musical Stage Play for Christmas for Actors, Soloists, Choir and Orchestra

Created by Joel Lindsey, Jeff Bumgardner, Heidi Petak and Daniel Semsen
Arranged & Orchestrated by Daniel Semsen

Word Choral Club May 2018

Voicing: SATB

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Length: 67 Minute

Release Date: May 11, 2018

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080689605178 Choral Book $12.95 Physical
080689091681 Downloadable Choral Book $10.95 Get It Now Download
080689979224 Listening CD $16.98 Physical
080689092688 Downloadable Listening Trax $16.98 Buy 10 or more for $6.49 each Download
080689656392 DVD Preview Pak $14.00 Physical
080689015687 Accompaniment CD (Split) $99.99 Physical
080689093685 Downloadable Accompaniment Trax (Split) $99.99 Get It Now Download
080689094682 Downloadable Accompaniment Trax (Stereo) $99.99 Get It Now Download
080689647093 Accompaniment DVD $225.00 Physical
080689095689 Downloadable Accompaniment Video
(MP4 data files)
$225.00 Get It Now Download
080689904721 Bulk CD (10-pak) $69.95 Physical
080689778056 CD Practice Trax $69.95 Physical
080689096686 Soprano (Downloadable Practice Trax) $6.99 Get It Now Download
080689097683 Alto (Downloadable Practice Trax) $6.99 Get It Now Download
080689098680 Tenor (Downloadable Practice Trax) $6.99 Get It Now Download
080689099687 Bass (Downloadable Practice Trax) $6.99 Get It Now Download
080689365973 Production Manual (CD-ROM) $39.95 Physical
080689103681 Downloadable Production Manual $39.95 Get It Now Download
080689567674 Orchestration $399.00 Physical
080689100680 Downloadable Orchestration $399.00 Get It Now Download
080689101687 Downloadable Chord Charts/Lead Sheets $99.95 Get It Now Download
080689804144 Stem Mixes $239.99 Physical
080689102684 Downloadable Stem Mixes $239.99 Get It Now Download
080689526145 Posters (12-pak) $25.00 Physical
080689526152 Bulletins (100-pak) $25.00 Physical