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    The Word Choral Club

    Joining the Word Choral Club is a great way to make the most of your music ministry budget. Members enjoy these exclusive benefits:


    • An everyday discount of 15% on most products from Word Music & Church Resources and Medallion Music.
    • Digital access to full-length demo recordings and browsable scores for our newest releases.
    • A one-time discount of $39.95 to use on any future order. This makes your membership almost like it’s free!
    • Special offers for choral club members only.


    After you place your order, your credit card will be charged on this date every year for your membership renewal. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

    $39.95 USA

Choral Club FAQ

  • When can I start using my discount?

  • Will I get physical review boxes as part of my Word Choral Club membership?

  • Can I cancel my membership? What about a refund?

  • Why am I not seeing a 15% discount in my cart on an item?

  • When will I receive my one-time $39.95 discount? Are there any restrictions?

  • Are there any other ways to order or pay for my Word Choral Club membership?

  • If I’m a Word Choral Club member, do I have to place orders on to get my discount?