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We Are Witnesses

Encounters with the Savior…a Musical for Easter

Created by Kenna Turner West
Arranged and Orchestrated by Daniel Semsen

Word Choral Club Easter 2019

Voicing: SATB

Difficulty Level: Moderately Easy

Length: 37 Minute

Release Date: September 07, 2018

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080689619175 Choral Book $12.95 Physical
080689161681 Downloadable Choral Book $10.95 Get It Now Download
080689990229 Listening CD $16.98 Physical
080689162688 Downloadable Listening Trax $16.98 Buy 10 or more for $6.49 each Download
080689667398 DVD Preview Pak $14.00 Physical
080689026683 Accompaniment CD (Split)
with and without Narration
$99.99 Physical
080689163685 Downloadable Accompaniment Trax (Split)
with and without Narration
$99.99 Get It Now Download
080689164682 Downloadable Accompaniment Trax (Stereo) $99.99 Get It Now Download
080689659096 Accompaniment DVD $225.00 Physical
080689165689 Downloadable Accompaniment Video $225.00 Get It Now Download
080689915727 Bulk CD (10-pak) $69.95 Physical
080689778131 CD Practice Trax $69.95 Physical
080689166686 Soprano (Downloadable Practice Trax) $6.99 Get It Now Download
080689167683 Alto (Downloadable Practice Trax) $6.99 Get It Now Download
080689168680 Tenor (Downloadable Practice Trax) $6.99 Get It Now Download
080689169687 Bass (Downloadable Practice Trax) $6.99 Get It Now Download
080689574672 Orchestration $399.00 Physical
080689170683 Downloadable Orchestration $399.00 Get It Now Download
080689171680 Downloadable Chord Charts/Lead Sheets $99.95 Get It Now Download
080689812149 Stem Mixes $239.99 Physical
080689172687 Downloadable Stem Mixes $239.99 Get It Now Download
080689591778 Promotional Media Kit $49.95 Physical
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080689576775 Posters (12-pak) $25.00 Physical
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