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Music In Me, Level 4

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Music In Me, Level 4

Created & Arranged by Carol Tornquist

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All children have music inside them, but loving music can become work when learning to play it. From veteran arranger Carol Tornquist comes Music in Me, a piano method designed to teach children not only how to play a keyboard instrument, but to understand how music works, and ultimately how to create their very own music as a personal expression of worship.

Music in Me features a series of five levels for beginning piano students including: Lesson, Theory & Technique, Creativity, Praise & Worship (solos to play) and Hymns & Holidays (solos to play). Each level has an individual book, with the first three books coordinated to be used together. The piano solo books include optional duet parts for teachers or more advanced students. Music in Me is a dynamic resource that offers children the life-long gift of being able to make their own music. With the confidence that comes from positive music-making experiences, they will be better equipped to become the songwriters, church musicians and worship leaders for tomorrow's church.

* fun, age appropriate illustrations
* step-by-step lessons in an organized format
* lessons and resources for student songwriting
* Bible-based songs and concepts and Scripture memory verses
* early expossure to harmony and ear training
* learning to read and understand chord symbols
* playing with both hands beginning at Level One

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L4: Lesson

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Difficulty: Moderate


Release Date: May 19, 2007

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At a Glance
Level Four Introduces:
* RHYTHM- cut-time, sixteenth notes, dotted eighth-sixteenths, triplets
* MELODY- minor scales, Eb, Aband Db major scales
* HARMONY- minor, dim, aug, sus, IV and V7 chords, chord inversions
* KEYS- Group 3: Eb, Aband Db Major
* MUSIC NOTATION- accidentals, slurs, staccato, legato, Fine, 8va, D.C., D.S.
* EAR TRAINING- melodic dictation, transposition
* TECHNIQUE- two-octave scales, more FINGERcises
* CREATIVITY- creating accompaniments, improvisation
* NIV SCRIPTURES- connecting God's Word to the music
...and more!
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