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Game Changers

3-Disc Kidz Ministry Kit!

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Game Changers

3-Disc Kidz Ministry Kit!

Created by Jeff Slaughter; Arrangements and Tracks by Preston and Spencer Dalton

WordKidz, partnering with best-selling children's music artist Jeff Slaughter, presents Game Changers, a 3-Disc, all-in-one Kidz Ministry Kit, featuring high-energy collection of songs, Bible stories, lesson plans and life applications, with some of the most significant Game Changers in history straight from the pages of God's Word! Incorporate the versatile DVD for use in fun sing-a-long sessions, worship services or as an Accompaniment DVD for your Children's Choir to maximize the potential of this unique, must-have addition to your children's ministry library.

Bible heroes, Bible characters — we like to call them Bible All-Stars — come alive through their stories and songs in this high-octane collection perfect for Children's Choir, Children's Church, Sunday School, Wednesday Night, Vacation Bible School and Backyard Bible Clubs!

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Kidz Ministry Kit

Product Features


Word Choral Club January 2014


Difficulty: Easy


Release Date: January 07, 2014

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Song Titles

Song Titles

Game Changers (Theme Song) Jeff Slaughter
Blessed Are You (Peter) Jeff Slaughter
Dreads (Samson) Jeff Slaughter
Queen for the Day (Esther) Jeff Slaughter
Noah Jeff Slaughter
The One Who Saves (Jonah) Jeff Slaughter
Man of Miracles (Moses) Jeff Slaughter
Great Companion (Ruth) Jeff Slaughter
Worshipping Warrior (David) Jeff Slaughter
Vision (Paul) Jeff Slaughter
At a Glance
NEW PRODUCT: 3-Disc, All-In-One Kidz Ministry Kit includes:

DISC 1: DVD (Music Videos)
• Full Music Videos - with onscreen lyrics
• 2 audio mixes for each music video - full mix, split mix w/ solos

Disc 2: DVD-ROM (Digital Computer Files)
• Full Music Videos in 3 File Types: MOV HD, WMV HD, & MPEG1 SD
• 2 audio mixes for each music video - full mix, split mix w/ solos
• Music Manuscript PDFs
• Lyric Sheet PDFs

Disc 3: CD (Audio Only)
• 2 audio mixes - full mix, split mix w/ solos
Clip Art

Clip Art

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Customer Reviews

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Exceptional — need more like this!

Review by Pastor Dave


I was developing an adult worship series based on the memorable biblical characters most people learned about during their childhood. The purpose was to demonstrate how strong the fundamentals we learned as children formulated our current adult opinions on spiritual matters. In many individuals, they failed to mature in their spiritual journey. We proved this by contrasting the most common child-level truths with adult perspectives from scripture.

The Game Changers music was perfect to introduce each biblical character and had a variety of musical genres represented. Having both vocal tracks and background music tracks was exceptionally helpful. We were able to have various vocalist with a wide range of experience perform live using the tracks. Having the lyrics on the screen while the vocalist performed ensured people who were not familiar with some of the genres understood the lyrics.

Because of the contemporary nature of the music as well as the creative concepts in the content of the songs, I had more people participating in the special music presentations than ever before with costuming, acting and group participation.

There were so many positive outcomes from using these presentation materials, I really want to see more of this developed and made available for biblical topics and concepts.

(Posted on 1/17/15)

Peter's song - terrible

Review by musicman


Agreeing with the other reviewer, the "Peter" song is pretty bad - no way I would let kids sing that. In addition, there is a danger in some of the bible stories seeing the characters as heroes to model, rather than the greatness of God. There is a tendency to be moralistic.

(Posted on 8/18/14)

Overall, a Great Product...only one issue!

Review by Britt Taylor


Overall, this is a great resource! The songs and lively and fun. The inclusion of Bible studies and life applications gives the product the well-roundedness it deserves. The all-inclusiveness of the kit is and money-saver as well. Everything and polished and produced well. Job well done!

My only issue is from a theological standpoint on Peter's song and study. The song and study tackles a long debated topic with a definite decision. The song and study presents the Rock on which the Lord built His church is the Peter's confession. It also presents that the keys to the kingdom were given to Peter. While this is certainly a popular interpretation of this passage, I don't feel like a song is a good way to present it. The thought can not be well-presented in a three minute song. Other views present Peter as the Rock (the Catholics' view of this passage, which does not line up with the rest of Scripture), and that Jesus was referring to Himself as the Rock. Again, I hold closer to the Rock being Peter's confession, but the depth of the statements cannot be fully examined in a song format. (ie. the keys are given to all believers, not just Peter. The Rock is a confession we all can make, not just Peter.)

We will not be using the part about Peter with our children, to avoid confusion. But the rest of the curriculum is very good.

(Posted on 8/11/14)

Game Changers

Review by vfletcher56


I have been using Game Changers with my Kidz Klub this summer. We live the Bible heroes theme. The lessons are good and let kids see how they can be one game changers the same way the Bible characters were. The music is great. Their favorite song had been "Dreads" about Samson. Thank you Jeff for continuing to offer Godly material for children.

(Posted on 8/3/14)


Review by gamechangers


i love these song they educational and they teach and review bible characters who made a difference in the world

(Posted on 3/20/14)


Review by BaptistBoss


Game Changers is a real Game Changer!! My kids love it and so do their parents! Big!

(Posted on 2/14/14)

Great Music!!

Review by Mrs. Grant


I teach elementary music at a private Christian School and we are using this in place of our spring musical. We have only listened to the songs so far, but the kids LOVE them! I particularly like that each song is based on the life of a loved Bible character and comes with its own devotional that I can turn into lessons for my classes. We are excited to have the DVD with words on it to aid in learning the songs this time. This is a great value for such a wonderful product!!

(Posted on 2/4/14)

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