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The Christmas Cross

An Easy-Learn, Easy-Sing Musical For Kidz

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The Christmas Cross

An Easy-Learn, Easy-Sing Musical For Kidz

Created by Jeff Slaughter
Arranged by Spencer and Preston Dalton

Ginger Breadhouse, Carolyn Bells, Holly Branch, Candy Cane, Mary, and…Ned, Ted and Jed! These are a few of the names to be found among the cast of the new Simply WordKidz Christmas musical, The Christmas Cross! Created by Jeff Slaughter, with tracks produced and arranged by the team of Preston and Spencer Dalton, The Christmas Cross is a super-easy-to-learn, 27-minute musical designed to help you celebrate the season with the perfect setting for your kids choir!

In the opening scene, Miss Carolyn Bells, our children's choir director, is leading the kids through their first rehearsal for this year's Christmas Extravaganza. As they begin to share their thoughts on Christmas, the heart of the story comes to the forefront as Mary begins to tell everyone about the Christmas Cross—a very special ornament with special significance—an heirloom, handed down by her grandmother. As she explains the meaning behind the ornament..."You can't have Christmas without the Cross...", this fun, lighthearted musical is beautifully and simply transformed into a powerful message about the love of God and the message of the Gospel.

Full of great new songs, in tandem with traditional carols and a humor-filled, Biblically-sound script, The Christmas Cross highlights Jeff Slaughter's signature brand of creativity. And, for the first time, he brings his unique style and infectious spirit to the Simply WordKidz Series, a fresh line of EZ-to-Sing-EZ-to-Perform musicals designed for both excellence and accessibility by the smallest of choirs, or for choirs with little rehearsal time. Bring an extra dose of Christmas cheer to your performance through the use of the production-enhancing DVD Accompaniment Track available, from WordKidz.

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Quick Overview

Choral Book

Product Features


Word Choral Club Christmas 2014


Difficulty: Easy


Voicing: Unison


Length: 27 minutes


Release Date: May 16, 2014

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Song Titles

Song Titles

You Can't Have Christmas
with God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman
Slaughter, Dalton, Dalton
Country Boys
with Away In a Manger
Slaughter, Dalton, Dalton
The Christmas Cross
with O Christmas Cross
Slaughter, Dalton, Dalton
Tell Me The Story of Jesus Sweney, Slaughter, Dalton, Dalton
You Can't Have Christmas
with God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman (Reprise)
Slaughter, Dalton, Dalton
At a Glance
• Only 5 songs with linking dialogue! Easy-to-prepare and easy-to present!
• Great for the smallest of choirs or groups with little rehearsal time
• Fun Kit Includes Listening CD, Rubber Bracelet, Poster, Squeeze Ball and a Cinch Bag!

Character information:
Speaking Roles/Solos:
-Miss Carolyn Bells (Can be an adult)
-Ginger Breadhouse (female)
-Holly Branch (female)
-Ned (male)
-Jed (male)
-Mary (female)

Non-Speaking Roles/Solos:
-Nativity Grace (female)
-Candy Cane (female)
-Ted (male)
Clip Art

Clip Art

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Customer Reviews

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The Christmas Cross

Review by Sherrie


Excellent program. The children loved learning the music and did not even mind memorizing their speaking parts. It was a story with humor, but also one of the most powerful messages of salvation told in a Children's musical! Do it again, Jeff! There is minimal set-up and costuming is extremely easy!

(Posted on 12/28/14)

Director/Youth leader

Review by Cindy L


This is a great play for a small group. Easily learned and lots of fun. Incorporated a few adults and job complete. Great meaning. We did have Mary and Joseph walk in during The Christmas Cross and showed our large cross we use at Easter. 2 thumbs up!!

(Posted on 12/22/14)

Christmas Cross

Review by kim


This production is great for elementary aged children. It's easy to learn as well as teach. My group of students loved the music!

(Posted on 12/2/14)

I Play Mary

Review by Rachel


I love this musical and drama! I play Mary in this play so yay. :)

(Posted on 11/26/14)

The Christmas Cross

Review by Deana


Very nice musical. It's easy for the kids to learn. It's Biblical. It's catchy and fun. I'm loving it! The message of Jesus is so clear - I can't wait for our kids to share the gospel through the songs and drama in The Christmas Cross.

(Posted on 11/18/14)





(Posted on 10/27/14)

The Christmas Cross

Review by Joyce


The best children's Christmas program I have listened to in a long time. Thanks!!

(Posted on 8/31/14)

7 Item(s)

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