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Isaiah Jones And The Seekers Of The Lost Christmas Treasure

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Isaiah Jones And The Seekers Of The Lost Christmas Treasure

Created by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Daniel Semsen

Christy Semsen and Daniel Semsen—the groundbreaking creative team who brought you The Agape League and We Three Spies—are back again…this time better than ever! Isaiah Jones and the Seekers of the Lost Christmas Treasure delivers action and adventure galore as your Kids Choir is transported into a video game world of mystery, intrigue, and adrenaline-generating Christmas fun!

Join in the excitement as our young hero, along with his friends and companions, search for the Lost Christmas Treasure, navigating levels of the video game as they go. Cheer them on through challenge after challenge as they follow the shooting star that guides their way on a suspense-filled journey, leading them to their greatest discovery...the real Treasure of Christmas is Jesus!

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Quick Overview

Choral Book

Product Features


Word Choral Club Christmas 2014




Voicing: Unison/2-part


Length: 38 minutes


Release Date: May 16, 2014

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Song Titles

Song Titles

Isaiah Jones Christy Semsen, Daniel Semsen
Follow The Star Christy Semsen, Daniel Semsen
Road to Bethlehem Christy Semsen, Daniel Semsen
No Room Christy Semsen, Daniel Semsen
Emmanuel Christy Semsen, Daniel Semsen
Give It Away This Christmas Christy Semsen, Daniel Semsen
Hallelujah (Light Has Come) Barlow, Barlow, Barlow
includes Give It Away This Christmas,
and Isaiah Jones
Christy Semsen, Daniel Semsen
includes Isaiah Jones
Christy Semsen, Daniel Semsen
At a Glance
• Teacher Resource Kit is available with over 200 pages full-color of lesson plans, rehearsal schedules, costume and set ideas, activities, choreography, running script, and MUCH more.
• Instructional DVD includes a live performance and videos that demonstrate the choreography
• Adventurer Kit includes a jewel-case listening CD, Isaiah Jones poster, bracelet, and key chain, all packed into a super-fun adventurer cinch bag!

Character information:
Speaking Roles/Solos:
• Boy/Isaiah Jones
• Ellie Ellington
• Savanna
• Kruz
• Scarlett
• Little Sis/Shooting Star
• Sand Princesses (3 or more singers); can also double as Dancing Cacti, Waitresses, Innkeeper, Narrators 1 & 2
• The Ritzy Inn Singer (solo)
• Mary (solo)
• Balthazar (optional adult)

Optional Non-Speaking Roles:
• Tiny Cacti (5-15 younger children)
• Breakdancing Cacti (5-15 older kids)
• Sand Princesses (3-12 girls)
• Waiters and Waitresses (2-10 children)
• Singer at The Ritzy Inn
• Big band at The Ritzy Inn (3-6 instrumentalists)
• Mary
• Joseph
• Angels (4-12 children)
• Shepherds
• Wise Men

PDFs Included on the Additional Set Pieces Disc:
Cave of Wisdom
Ritzy Inn Door
Ice Cream Rocket Launcher (with separate Ice Cream Cone to build the launcher)
Bass Guitar
Gray Platter
Short Pipe
Tall Pipe
Road Design
Blue Star
Green Star
Pink Star
Purple Star
Fox Ears
Yellow and Red Button
Clip Art

Clip Art

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Customer Reviews

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engaging, but expensive

Review by jeannie


We just performed this play at our Christian school. The plot line is great and the students connected with it. The excitement generated from this place was awesome! Some of the songs were a bit tricky, but our music teacher in excellent and we have some exceptionally gifted children this year. One of the hardest things for me as the director is to figure out is the staging/blocking for all the students. With all that was going on, that part was relatively easy this year. I like that.
I was a bit taken aback by the cost of the additional pieces for the set. We ended up creating the instruments, the cave of wisdom, the Ritzy Inn door, and the red tubes with the help of our art teacher using graph paper to pixelate the props-whew.
Even though there is a CD with the props on them, to print them out was SO expensive and we did not have a connection with a printing company. The background came in three-vertical ten foot panels. That was extremely difficult to figure out how to place.
The props were a real headache to figure out how to do (afford) and we had a decent budget. As another reviewer said, make sure you price the items before you decide to purchase this play.
Fantastic play, but expensive.

(Posted on 12/14/15)

Fun to direct, participate in, and watch!

Review by Daniel


To me, one of the most important elements of a production is that the kids have fun. They loved connecting with the video game theme, especially when I assigned them each a specific video game character as their primary costume. The music is fresh and relevant, and the demonstration CD is a perfect learning tool for the singers and for those with speaking parts. When the kids are looking forward to rehearsals, something is working! Parents were always telling me that their child was loving it! And I had many audience members say after our performance that it was the cutest children's musical they'd ever seen!

This show could be as elaborate or as simple as you want. I enjoyed using the underscore and SFX, especially since I had my speaking roles mic'd. I did not use the accompanying DVD backgrounds as I incorporated our background screen into the set design. I also made all of the props myself from cardboard. It's nice that they have the option to order such things, but I enjoy that aspect of creative expression as the director. (And yes, I had a blast with the video game theme as well!)

This show deserves all 5 stars for its creativity, quality, and variety. I will, however, list a couple of challenges I faced for anyone reading the reviews. The music can, at times, be a little challenging for a non-experienced children's group. I say group, because we don't even have a kids choir. Some of the melody lines, for instance the key change in "Give it Away," are a bit of a stretch. But because the songs are so catchy, the kids love to sing along, even when they are missing notes here and there. I like that some of the demonstration solos are sung by adults (teens?) so that kids can mimic a professional sound. But the demonstration for Ellie Ellington caused my actress to imitate the "fast-talking" aspect of her character a little too fast. It works on the recording, but when my real life actor tried it, I had to ask her to slow down a lot.

This show has everything that makes live productions fun: action, adventure, fun characters, and cool music! I love how each song is of a different musical genre. And if you are a smaller church, don't feel obligated to copy the video! The music and dialogue are engaging enough that whatever you create to surround it will be perfect! The Semsens have done a great job bringing something new and exciting to the table and I will definitely look to them again for future shows!

(Posted on 12/9/14)

Amazing But Expensive

Review by Erin


The show is absolutely amazing! The story and music are so well done, and our choir loves it!! We can actually hear all of the kids singing this year and really getting into the moves!! The only drawback is the cost of all of the additional pieces needed to make the show as wonderful as is seen in the promo video. For smaller churches, I would consider pricing everything out prior to selecting this show to make sure your musical budget will cover what is needed.

(Posted on 11/11/14)

Awesome play.

Review by Josh


This play has a lot of action and adventure, which I love. Since I got Isaiah Jones. this play is just the right style that I like. The other kids in the choir love it, too. I hope this review leads other churches to try it out because they will quickly love it as much as I do! Thank you, Word Music, for producing this play!

(Posted on 10/24/14)

4 Item(s)

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