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  • Word Choral Club

    Ideal for

    every choir

    • FREE music voucher or coupon
    • Includes all new choral releases
    • Wide range of musical styles and performance levels
    • Arrives 6 times per year

    $99.95 USA

    $129.95 CAN

  • Simply Word Choral Club

    Perfect for

    Smaller Choirs

    • FREE Music Voucher or Coupon
    • Includes Simply Word and Very Simply Word products
    • Created to fit the needs of the small church choir or choir with limited rehearsal time
    • Arrives 3 times per year

    $49.95 USA

    $64.95 CAN

  • WordKidz Choral Club

    Resources for

    Kids Choir

    • FREE Music Voucher or Coupon
    • Includes WordKidz and Simply Word products
    • Super fun, powerful songs for kids centered on God's word
    • Arrives 3 times per year

    $39.95 USA

    $54.95 CAN

More about the word choral clubs

Word Choral Clubs 

The 3 available Word Choral Clubs are a vital part of the music ministry in thousands of churches around the world of many sizes, denominations and styles of worship. It's a lot more than just "choir music." You will receive arrangements of powerful modern worship songs, classic hymns, CCM radio hits, and praise and worship resources tailored to work with volunteer musicians by the most popular and gifted arrangers in church music.


With the Word Choral Club, you won't have to wonder if you missed a great song just because you didn't get to a conference or you passed over it in a web search. You'll get every new release whether you have a praise team or a choir, and your music ministry will benefit from the variety of worship resources you'll receive in the Word Choral Club.


As a Word Choral Club Member, you’ll receive 3 to 6 choral club boxes a year (the number of choral club boxes received is based on which of the 3 Word Choral Club options you are a member of), each filled with compelling new music releases from Word Music & Church Resources and our associated imprints. Each choral club box is packed with full-length preview copies of all our new musicals, collections, and anthems, including CD and DVD previews! Inside each box, you'll recieve anywhere from 1 to 9 new musicals and collections for adults, kids, and youth, and 6 to 15 (or more) new anthems for your adult choir, praise team or ensemble! 


Member Benefits include:

  • FREE Music Voucher or Coupon
  • Full-Length Preview Copies of all new choral books, anthems, CDs, and DVDs
  • Exclusive Members Only Discounts
  • Easy-ordering online or by phone
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff of music ministry specialists

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