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  1. Danny & the Shacks

    Danny & the Shacks

    Created by Christy Semsen
    Arranged by Daniel Semsen

    Order #080689594175


    Children's Musical


    Come along on this Biblically-inspired, Won’t-Bend-Won’t-Bow-Won’t-Burn Babylonian epic, recounting the adventures of Daniel ("Danny," as we call him in our 21st-century version of the story) and his bandmates, The Shacks (better known to you Bible scholars out there as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego!).

    In our re-telling of the story, three young Hebrew men named Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, in conjunction with the prophet Daniel (of lions den fame), have a band called Danny & the Shacks. They embark on a roller-coaster-thrill-ride of experiences as they encounter King Neb, his golden statue, some crazy Babylonians, the fiery furnace, and of course, the infamous lions den. Through it all, the powerful truth of God’s Word and the importance of being obedient and faithful to His teaching comes through loud and clear in a storyline so fantastic and faithaffirming, it could only come from the Word of God.

  2. How Great the Love of Jesus

    How Great the Love of Jesus

    Arranged and Orchestrated by Daniel Semsen

    Order #080689486234



    Easter, Non-Seasonal

    Daniel Semsen brings glorious worship, power and praise to life with this rising classic from Integrity’s Michael Farren and Nathan Fellingham. With the option of a brief but prayerful, opening Worship-Leader narrative, “How Great the Love of Jesus”—from the Easter musical Resurrection Power—creates a holy space for your congregation to enter into the presence of the Lord. For contemporary or blended worship services alike and perfect for Worship-Leading Choirs, this captivating declaration of Jesus’ love will have your church worshipping the Lord of Lords with fervent, ever-grateful praise!

  3. Road to Calvary

    Road to Calvary

    Arranged & Orchestrated by Daniel Semsen

    Order #080689592171


    Adult Musical

    Easter! Resurrection Sunday! Believers across the world gather to offer praise and thanksgiving as they celebrate our Lord’s glorious victory over death, hell and the grave! Cries of “Hallelujah, He is risen!” ring out in the halls of cathedrals, from behind pulpits, and within the walls of our churches; they soar around the globe on broadcast signals, are proclaimed on the hillsides, shouted from the shores during Easter Sunrise services, and rise up from choir lofts, as singers lift their voices to sing of our Redeemer and conquering King. Yes, Hallelujah! He is risen!

    But before God’s awesome display of resurrection power raised Christ from the dead, the Savior had to walk that long, lonely road leading to Calvary. It is on that dark and dangerous road, through a journey of sorrow and suffering, that Christ willingly went to the cross. There He died for our sins, paying the ultimate price for our redemption.

    ROAD TO CALVARY, the new Easter musical from Word Music & Church Resources, arranged by Daniel Semsen, walks us down the path leading to Calvary’s road. Together we follow His footsteps as Jesus traveled from Nazareth, across the hills of Galilee, traversing the Mount of Olives, and walking a lifetime of steps toward Gethsemane. There He prayed all alone in the garden, agonizing over the terrible pain and suffering He knew He would soon endure. Carrying the weight of our sins up Calvary's hill, He gave His life’s blood for the redemption of every man, woman and child; there He established this unimaginably beautiful truth for all people, for all time...Calvary covers it all.

  4. Let All the World Sing

    Let All the World Sing

    Created by Dale Mathews
    Unison/2-Part Arrangements Adapted by David Wise & Sarah Huffman

    Order #080689593178


    Adult Musical


    LET ALL THE WORLD SING, the new Easter musical from Word Music & Church Resources’ best-selling Very Simply Word Series, is designed to help your church do its part to raise that sound of praise, so that the world will hear the message as though one mighty voice was proclaiming it…HE IS ALIVE!

    Easy-to-Learn, Easy-to-Sing are hallmarks of this popular series. Each musical in the Very Simply Word Series is built on a foundation of great song selection and arranged and orchestrated by some of today’s leading musicians, each of the songs having been expertly re-purposed into a Unison Choir/Optional 2-Part format. Featuring epic-sounding accompaniment tracks designed to make your choir sound bigger than life, Very Simply Word musicals also offer the option to perform using the high-quality DVD Accompaniment Track, giving your presentation the kind of flair and production quality usually found in much bigger, more elaborate productions.

    LET ALL THE WORLD SING is sure to help your choir stand out in an exceptional way and enhance your choir’s outreach, as you lead them in presenting what could be their most powerful Easter program ever!

  5. Love Took His Breath Away

    Love Took His Breath Away

    Created by Joel Lindsey
    Arranged & Orchestrated by Bradley Knight

    Order #080689524219


    Adult Musical


    The love poured out on us with our Lord’s death on the cross was a love more powerful than anything our world has ever experienced before or since.

    Such an act of pure and completely selfless love came at a great cost. He Who knew no sin took our sins upon Himself in an act of ultimate sacrifice. And though nails were driven into His hands and feet, it wasn’t the nails that held Him to the cross; it was His great love for us. It wasn’t just the nails and the torture of the cross that robbed His body of precious, life-giving air; it was love that took His breath so kind, love beyond all explanation and belief.

    LOVE TOOK HIS BREATH AWAY is the epic new Easter musical brilliantly arranged and orchestrated by Bradley Knight, with songs and narration by Joel Lindsey...deep and rich with the message of forgiveness, grace, and resurrection power. With a full complement of music ministry tools to help you optimize the effectiveness of your presentation—Orchestrations, Stem Mixes, CD and DVD Accompaniment tracks, to name a few—LOVE TOOK HIS BREATH AWAY, the new Bradley Knight-arranged, Joel Lindsey-composed musical for Resurrection Sunday is sure to be acclaimed as an “instant standard,” to be experienced again and again by choirs everywhere for years to come

  6. Victory!


    Arranged & Orchestrated by Marty Parks

    Order #080689590177


    Senior Adult Musical

    With the dawning of Easter day comes a promise fulfilled! As Conqueror of the wages of sin, as a mighty Victor over Satan’s dark domain…HE AROSE!

    VICTORY! The Proclamation of Easter is the new 4-Song Musical Presentation for Resurrection Sunday from Word Music & Church Resources, created by the inimitable Marty Parks.

    Designed to meet the needs of almost every choir—blended, traditional, or contemporary—VICTORY! is the perfect assemblage of songs and narration (especially in a year when Easter comes early on the calendar!) for choirs with limited rehearsal time, or when you need a musical that allows plenty of time for the Pastor to deliver an Easter message following your special musical presentation. Celebrate Easter this year with your Choir and Congregation in your presentation of VICTORY! The Proclamation of Easter!

    VICTORY! features four songs, comprised of original compositions by Marty Parks—including a fresh, new re-write of the great Easter hymn, "Christ Arose (Up from the Grave He Arose)"—plus the popular, new contemporary worship title song by David Crowder, "My Victory" ideal combination of traditional and contemporary melded together in a sensitive, worshipful, yet powerfully triumphant declaration of love, adoration, and praise to our risen Lord!

  7. Because He Lives...Amen!

    Because He Lives...Amen!

    Arranged by David Wise
    Orchestrated by David Shipps

    Order #080689563171


    Adult Musical


    Perfect for your choir’s Easter service comes a new, dynamically blended Simply Word Easter Musical, anchored by the Dove Award-winning Worship Song of the Year, Because He Lives (Amen)! This extremely popular, brilliantly-written title song (Matt Maher, ChrisTomlin, and more!) gives singular focus to a new musical of power and praise…artfully complemented by inspiring new songs with narration written by acclaimed songwriter Tony Wood, and featuring exciting, imaginative choral arrangements by David Wise.

    From the opening strains of the classic hymn, My Savior's Love (“How marvelous, how wonderful, and my song shall ever be!”), to the energetic tones of Shouts of Hosanna, to the emotionally charged lyrics of Wonder of Your Crossevery note, every orchestral cue, every word of narration, navigates for us Christ’s journey from the cross to His glorious resurrection, as the choir ends to the triumphant sounds of Because He Lives...Amen!

    Your presentation of BECAUSE HE LIVES…AMEN! will be greatly enhanced by the use of the visually-inspiring DVD Accompaniment Track. Celebrate the resurrection power present in the lives of all believers through this compelling musical which gives you the added benefit of well-written, easily attainable Simply Word choral arrangements, designed to make your choir sound bigger than life!

  8. The Tomb is Empty Now

    The Tomb is Empty Now

    Arranged and Orchestrated by Cliff Duren

    Order #080689562174


    Adult Musical

    “It’s Easter and Jesus has risen! All that the cross was supposed to accomplish has been completed, and we can rejoice as children of the resurrection; as believers who have been given purpose and power in knowing the living, risen Christ!”

    Joel Lindsey’s new song, “Let All the World Sing”, opens the curtain on this triumphant new musical for Easter, THE TOMB IS EMPTY NOW. Crafted by the unparalleled creative team of multiple Dove-Award winning songwriter Joel Lindsey and celebrated arranger Cliff Duren, THE TOMB IS EMPTY NOW portrays the Passion of the Christ through a stunning array of celebratory and thought-provoking songs, songs of deeply-felt pain and sorrow, and songs of great rejoicing.

    The love Jesus displayed on the cross and the death He died there isn’t the end of the story! Somewhere in the night the LAMB of the cross became the LORD of an EMPTY TOMB! And now, centuries later, we live because He lives! Every prodigal child has a home, every disease-ridden saint has the hope of healing, every lonely outcast can find redemption… because Jesus died and was laid in a tomb, and that tomb… is EMPTY NOW!

  9. Messiah, Redeemer, Conquering King

    Messiah, Redeemer, Conquering King

    Arranged and Orchestrated by Marty Parks

    Order #080689566172


    Adult Collection


    Choral Festival Favorites expands its reach beyond non-seasonal choral collections, with the first Choral Festival Favorites Easter: MESSIAH, REDEEMER, CONQUERING KING, created and arranged by Marty Parks. Featuring 28 songs in nine thematic medleys for Holy Week, this blended collection is specially designed to inspire congregational involvement with the presentation of each medley. Perfect for opening your services during Holy Week, each arrangement is a perfectly balanced blend of hymns and worship songs—all well-known and immediately recognizable by both choir and congregation—encouraging the congregation to join in, lifting their voices in praise and adoration of our Lord and Savior…Jesus, the risen King!

    With nine thematically-focused medleys (two each for Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday, three for Good Friday, and two victorious celebrations for Easter Sunday), Choral Festival Favorites Easter: MESSIAH, REDEEMER, CONQUERING KING is the perfect music and worship resource for Holy Week, including Worship Leader Introductions and Additional Programming Ideas featuring supporting scripture verses and suggested additional hymns and worship songs to use in planning your services.

  10. Risen King

    Risen King

    Created by Dale Mathews

    Order #080689564178


    Adult Musical


    New this Easter season, the Very Simply Word series from Word Music & Church Resources presents a joyful, spirit-filled musical..RISEN KING! Bringing together top hymns and songs from today’s leading artists and songwriters, and arranging them in an easy-learn, easy-sing fashion, RISEN KING is sure to bring resounding worship and praise to your church this Easter as you celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    RISEN KING will be popular among your congregation with its showcase of beautiful hymn arrangements like Crown Him (Majesty), contemporary anthems such as Forever (We Sing Hallelujah) by Kari Jobe and Christ Is Enough from Hillsong, and worship favorites penned by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend.

    Through its compelling narration and delicately-crafted arrangements, RISEN KING successfully recounts the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, reminding us that through His resurrection and conquering of the grave, sin was defeated, the battle won! Through Christ’s victory on the cross we are born again to a living hope, an everlasting promise of eternal life with our Father in Heaven…free from sin and brokenness and full of love and unending grace. What Good News! This Easter holiday, may you rest and rejoice once again in the truth that we are people of the “Risen King”!

Items 1 to 10 of 407 total

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