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Christmas 2016 - CHBs


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  1. MSPWChristmas

    More Songs for Praise & Worship Christmas

    Edited by Various

    Order #080689552175


    Adult Collection


    More Songs for Praise & Worship Christmas is the newest addition to the Songs for Praise & Worship family. For over 20 years, the Songs for Praise & Worship series has provided fresh and accessible arrangements for congregation and praise team. This newest volume is no's filled with 33 Christmas songs from renowned writers/worship leaders such as Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Hillsong, Lauren Daigle, Lincoln Brewster, Kari Jobe, and more!

    Click here for a FREE playlist of the songlist from Spotify!

  2. Shepherds and Kings

    He Shall Be Called

    Created by Geron Davis, Dave Clark, and Tony Wood
    Arranged and Orchestrated by David Sloan

    Order #080689554179


    Adult Musical


    One of the Bible verses most often associated with Christmas, Isaiah 9:6, lays an important foundation, both for how we remember the birth of Christ and how we should celebrate His coming. First, a simple reminder, a declaration of fact… For unto us a child is born… It then goes on to proclaim His great Name in many forms… He shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

    This Christmas, as you choose music with which to declare His blessed birth, as you select the songs your choir, orchestra, band, and praise teams will use to celebrate the miracle and significance of His arrival, let the words of this Bible verse inspire your search. Discover the new musical, He Shall Be Called, a true gospel-inspired, praise & worship-influenced, contemporary Christian music hybrid, which is guaranteed to ignite a spark with your choir, musicians, and congregation! Each song is based on one of the powerful, holy Names of Jesus…

    He Shall Be Called, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, Bless the Name of Jesus and Savior… from beginning to end, this dynamic new musical honors and glorifies His Name and celebrates His glorious birth!

  3. Shepherds and Kings

    Shepherds and Kings

    Created by Joel Lindsey, Jeff Bumgardner, Heidi Petak and Daniel Semsen
    Arranged and Orchestrated by Daniel Semsen

    Order #080689553172


    Adult Dramatic Musical


    For many of us, Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, a time to be spent with family and friends…a festive, happy time. But for others, the same holiday season only serves to underscore the loneliness,pain, and hopelessness of their own lives.

    In our story, Susanna King’s bright spirit and love for life overrides her circumstances; you see, Susanna has been recently diagnosed with cancer. But in spite of bad news and challenging times, she lives with the joy of Christmas in her heart. This is an emotion-filled story, rich with heart. It comes alive with great new songs that are sometimes powerful, sometimes celebratory, sometimes poignant; sometimes happy, sometimes sad; songs that propel the story along while speaking to our hearts with the love language of God’s Christmas story…the birth of our Savior, Jesus. Designed to bring your music and drama ministries together, Shepherds and Kings proclaims a strong, vibrant message about the power of love—our love for one another, our love for God, and most importantly, God’s desire that ALL would come to know of His great love for us. Share the hope and good news of Christmas with your church and community this year, through your presentation of Shepherds and Kings.

  4. Fantasia Noel 2

    Fantasia Noel 2

    Another Spachtacular Christmas
    Arranged and Orchestrated by Joshua Spacht

    Order #080689555176


    Adult Collection


    “Wildly imaginative, yet enticingly familiar…”
    “Improvisatory, yet structured…”
    Those are just a few of the words used to describe the groundbreaking Christmas choral collection, Fantasia Noel, from Joshua Spacht and Word Music & Church Resources. After experiencing a best-selling first season, we’re back with more: Fantasia Noel 2, another Spachtacular choral collection from Joshua Spacht!

    Fantasia –
    A musical composition with a free form, improvisational in style…
    A musical composition based on several familiar tunes or themes…
    A thing that is composed of a mixture of different forms or styles…
    Noel –
    A joyous shout celebrating the birth of Christ…
    An intimate and grateful acknowledgment that “now He is born, now He is here, now all is well…”
    Fantasia Noel 2 –
    …another anthology of songs designed to, once again, soar on wings constructed of myriad forms and styles, lifted up and launched into flight by the hearts and voices that sing them.

    These epic songs and heroic arrangements are firmly connected to the heart of the Christmas story, filled with a message that is the heartbeat of God…the timeless message of love, hope, and redemption. Christmas – God’s love and mercy expressed to us through the birth of His holy Son, Jesus. May the songs in this masterful choral collection give voice to your choir’s joyous noel this Christmas season.

  5. O Night Divine

    O Night Divine

    Created by Kenna Turner West, Dale Mathews and Steve W. Mauldin
    Arranged and Orchestrated by Steve W. Mauldin

    Order #080689556173


    Adult Musical


    From the creative team that brought you the best-selling musical, Joy, Unspeakable Joy!… Kenna Turner West, Dale Mathews and Steve W. Mauldin…comes another uplifting, worshipful and inspiring seasonal musical for your Christmas choir. O Night Divine compels the listener to celebrate the joyful, glorious birth of our Lord and Savior. It encourages us to offer our highest praise to the One known by such magnificent names as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, and Everlasting Father. And it invites us to come to the manger, bow down, and worship the King of Kings. All of the songs are woven together with threads of a rich narration and the colorful, many-faceted arrangements and orchestrations of Steve W. Mauldin. O Night Divine, the perfect musical for your choir this Christmas!

    O Night Divine features inspired, new Christmas songs from Kenna West, threaded together by three powerful, well-known songs, such as “A Christmas Alleluia,” made popular by Chris Tomlin; “Ring the Bells,” made popular by artists Travis Cottrell and Big Daddy Weave; and “Hope Was Born This Night,” popularized by Sidewalk Prophets. All of the songs are woven together with threads of a rich narration and the colorful, many-faceted arrangements and orchestrations of Steve W. Mauldin. O Night Divine, the perfect musical for your choir this Christmas!

  6. Holding On to Christmas

    Holding On to Christmas

    Arranged and Orchestrated by Marty Parks

    Order #080689550171


    Senior Adult Musical


    Holding On to Christmas is something we love to do – wrapping our arms around cherished memories; re-living the moments of Christmas that come to life in our hearts and minds year after year; being reminded of how much we are loved and how much we love in return; holding close those who make our lives special; expressing our love and thankfulness through cards and gifts, hugs and kisses, joy and laughter; sharing our love for one another around a cup of hot chocolate with Mom’s homemade Christmas cookies; and hearing Dad, once again, read the Christmas story from the family Bible.

    Shared memories and more are at the center of the new Christmas musical, Holding On to Christmas, from beloved arranger Marty Parks. This delightfully charming, “comfort-the-soul” musical is a warm invitation to “come sit by the fireside, wrap up in your favorite Christmas blanket, and reminisce about Christmas” as, together, we celebrate family and friends, and most importantly, the Savior who was born so long ago on that first Christmas night in Bethlehem.

    Holding On to Christmas is a very special slice of Christmas-goodness that you will be excited to present to your congregation and community…a wonderful celebration of all we hold dear at this most special time of year!

  7. The Arrival

    The Arrival

    Arranged and Orchestrated by Marty Hamby

    Order #080689560170


    Adult Musical


    Word Music & Church Resources, in collaboration with Integrity Music, proudly presents the latest release from the new Integrity Church Choir Series, The Arrival, a compelling Christmas musical of praise, celebrating the joy of His birth! From the song catalog of one of the most well-known and respected Christian music publishers–Integrity Music–comes this fresh, new Christmas musical, designed to provide church choirs of all sizes and styles with the perfect vehicle for ministering to your congregation with songs and arrangements proclaiming the arrival of our promised Savior. Arranged by Marty Hamby, you’ll discover a wide range of song styles…offering everything from a celebratory opening medley of carols (both familiar and re-imagined), to inspiring ballads expressing the anticipation and expectancy of a people who had long awaited the coming Messiah, to intimate and powerful worship moments that will bring your choir and congregation together in praise of our Lord and King.
    The music in The Arrival will touch hearts, the arrangements will encourage and inspire both the singer and the listener, and the message will fill everyone who hears it with hope, joy, and the blessing of Christmas!
    Featuring songs by renowned songwriter and worship leader, Paul Baloche, the title song from Jared Anderson, and the wonderful new song, “God Made Low,” from Sovereign Grace ministries, The Arrival is sure to encourage your congregation to enter into worship this Christmas and prepare their hearts to make room for the Savior.

  8. Light Of Bethlehem

    Light of Bethlehem

    Created by Dale Mathews
    Unison/2-Part Arrangements Adapted by Sarah Huffman and David Wise

    Order #080689557170


    Adult Musical (Easy)


    The Very Simply Series, from Word Music & Church Resources, once again brings you a festive, dynamic and spiritually impactful seasonal musical for Unison/optional 2-Part Choir. Light of Bethlehem proclaims the majesty of the newborn King and celebrates the wonderful, glorious birth of our Savior!

    Easy-to-Learn, Easy-to-Sing are the hallmarks of this popular series from Word Music & Church Resources...built on a foundation of great arrangements from some of today’s leading arrangers, expertly repurposed into a Unison Choir format, and featuring accompaniment tracks that will make your choir sound bigger than life (along with an Accompaniment DVD designed to give your presentation the same flair and impact you would normally expect to find in much bigger, more elaborate productions!). This joyous, fun and simple musical is great for choirs that are challenged on resources and rehearsal time, yet big on spirit, talent and heart! Perfectly appropriate for choirs of any size, Light of Bethlehem lends a delightful opportunity to grow and expand the performance options of smaller choirs, while also offering perfect “practically-no-rehearsal needed” material for larger, more experienced choirs.

    Light of Bethlehem is sure to distinguish your choir from the rest, and enable your music ministry to far exceed everyone’s expectations. Let the easy-learn-easy-sing unison format of Word’s Very Simply Series enhance your choir’s ability and give you the leadership resource you need to encourage them to present their most powerful Christmas program to date!

  9. All About That Baby

    All About That Baby

    Created by Christy Semsen
    Arranged by Daniel Semsen

    Order #080689558177


    Children's Musical


    New from Christy and Daniel Semsen and WordKidz, All About That Baby is a delightfully fresh presentation of the blessed story of Jesus’ birth. We know from Biblical accounts that Mary and Joseph had to find rest in a stable, where the baby Jesus was born. We’re told of Wise Men traveling from the East in search of the newborn King, and of shepherds visited by angels and told of His coming. Our new Christmas musical version of the story introduces you to some entirely new, fictional characters, and wonders what it might have been like had they enjoyed a “front row seat” to the events of that holy night!

    Angels and shepherds and…talking sheep? Oh, my!

    People everywhere are making the journey to the place of their birth, in compliance with Caesar’s decree that everyone should register for the census. This results in the little town of Bethlehem overflowing with people arriving from out of town. Nathaniel, a lovable but scatter-brained, late-for-work shepherd, bumps into two of those travelers, Joanna and Simone, as he rushes to take his shift at watching the flock. The other shepherds (his sisters Miriam and Abigail), along with Judah, are waiting for Nathaniel—late once again—to arrive. Thus begins a story that is All About That Baby, with some shepherds, angels, “out-of-towners”…and singing, talking sheep to guide us along the way!

    The All About That Baby Fun Kit comes with a Cinch Bag, Listening CD, Squeezable Sheep Toy, Sunglasses, and an All About That Baby Magnet!

  10. The Power of the KING

    The Power of the KING

    Created by Gina Boe and Barb Dorn
    Produced by Dave Clark

    Order #080689559174


    Children's Musical


    The Power of the KING is the latest Christmas musical from Simply WordKidz, the best-selling easy-learn, easy-sing series for children’s choir from Word Music & Church Resources. The story behind The Power of the KING, written and created by Gina Boe and Barb Dorn, revolves around radio station K-I-N-G. A major winter storm is threatening to shut down the entire state. The power grid is failing all around, and highways are closing due to dangerous road conditions. A bus transporting a children’s choir on their Christmas tour is stranded by the storm, so the choir takes refuge at the radio station. The timing of the winter storm couldn’t be worse, as the station’s power goes off just as they are about to broadcast the annual Christmas show. Unable to play any recorded music due to the limitations of the backup generator, the radio station staff hastily scrambles to put together a live radio broadcast telling the joyous Good News of the Christmas story, with the help of the stranded children’s choir!

    The Power of the KING from the Simply WordKidz Series… the perfect way to bring your church and community together this Christmas, in celebration of the miracle of Christ’s birth!

    The Power of the KING Fun Kit comes with a Cinch Bag, Listening CD, Vinyl Shaped Magnet, Inflatable Microphone, and Flashlight!

Items 1 to 10 of 486 total

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